Fresh News from Great Britain

Deník ze zahraničního jazykově poznávacího pobytu ve Velké Británii tříd kvarty až oktávy.

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Anglie2015A_2We started our trip in the bus at five o'clock and almost everyone slept in it. In the morning we watched some moviesAnglie2015A_1 and we couldn't listen because at the same time we wanted to chat with our friends. The way was exhausting but the break at Bruggy was amazing. It seems that the time stopped in Bruggy because we could breathe the history and the atmosphere from the architecture. We drolled after seeing all that small and traditional shops with chocolate... Lots of chocolate! But there were too much people, mainly carriages lead by horses. In the end of the day we finally arrived to Calais to our B&B hotel. 

What do Bruges and Pilsen have in common?

Napsali: Natálie H., Terka J., Míša T., Patricie Š.

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Anglie2015A_3Day 2 started at 6:30. Breakfast was served at a small dining room at the hotel. After that we had a little Anglie2015A_4time to get into bus. Then we had a passport check on the French borders. After passport control we boarded in eurotunnel. We finally arrived to England. When we arrived we stopped to rest and have a snack. Later that day we visited Oxford a city known for it's university which is second oldest in the world. We stayed there for almost a day and we visited Christ Church College where was one of the Harry Potter's film shot. We got an hour and half free time to eat some food and buy some stuff and souvenirs. We were lucky and came across to a student of International Relations from Czech Republic. In the end of our Oxford visit we moved into a library that can be only browsed by the students of Oxford's University. After that we moved to Anglie2015A_5Worcester where we were picked by the host families.

Question: How many rows of tables are there in the great hall at Christ Church College?

Napsali: Martin J., Kryštof B., Honza K., Kuba M.

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Anglie2015A_6A bigger part of us came at 7:50 am to parking in the center of Worcester city. The rest of us were Anglie2015A_7waiting on periphery of Worcester. After stragglers came, we set out to Abbey College. It takes about 30 minutes. After 2 lessons and break we set out (around 12:30 pm) to beautiful town Stratford upon Avon, where Shakespear was born. In Stratford we saw the house of his wife Anne Hathway. After that we visited Shakespear's birth house and museum. Then we went to the town center and we had a short dispersal. After souvenir shopping we went to the RST (Royal Shakespeare Theatre). When we looked for our bus, we got lost in the park. Then our bus found us near Holy Trinity Church. We went back to Worcester and on the way we went through our traditional mini quiz, today about Stratford. After tiring day we went to our host families and there we had delicious dinners.

QUESTION: Who was in front of the lost group??
A) Ms Stupková
B) Ms guide
C) confused student Jan Kout




Napsali: ŠveBeSmiSka

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Anglie2015A_15Today we made a trip to Birmingham. We expected that we could visit art museum or the Birmingham cathedral, Anglie2015A_13but we visited the local shopping centre and library where we had to take picture of us on every floor. We walked through the city and we could see some skyscrapers there and canals which are typical for this city and which were build because of exporting and importing the goods. This city is also the second most populated city in England and ninth in the Europe with 1.1 milion people. In past there was a first coin mint in Europe. People in the city of Birmingham have their own accent which is a little bit different from for example London accent.

The final questions for you, our fellow students, are:

  • What difference is between architecture style of museum and town hall?
  • How much money were the agents 007 watches sold for in Birmingham?





Napsali: Filip K., David H., Michal R., Pavel S.

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Anglie2015A_18As usually we got up at 6:30 in the morning and started our day with breakfest. After schoolAnglie2015A_17 we rode back to Worcester and we visited the Worcester cathedral. The full name of the cathedral is  Church of Christ, Blessed Mary the Virgin and St. Cuthbert of Durham 😇. The cathedral was founded in 1093. We find the cathedral very stunning and breath taking. Interesting things about the cathedral are for example: the tomb of king John Lackland, magnificent Victorian colouful temple glass,... We were amazed by a few actors performing Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare and also by a poster which said that the cathedral supports refugees in the name of Jesus who also didn't have a place to lay his head down. Then we visited the townhall where we saw a photo of Elizabeth II. with her husband and their signatures. Then we visited the Worcester library. It's Anglie2015A_16still new and very modern and beautiful. The library has 5 levels and it's the first library in Europe to combine the university books with the common books. This day was very awesome.

Question: how much does worcester sauce cost?

Napsali: Monča, Víva, Kačenka and Honzík your favourites.

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Anglie2015A_21On Thursday after school we visited castle Warwick. When we arrived we had 20 minutes of freetime to buyAnglie2015A_19 some food. Then we went to the castle dungeon. Everyone was afraid a lot because the dungeon was very scary. Many people said that best of all was the last room because there were many scary light effects. Then we went out and we visited a souvenir shop. After buying some souvenirs or food we had 2 hours of freetime to go around the castle. While we had freetime there was a show with birds of prey like condor for example. After the freetime we went back to our families.

Anglie2015A_20What did we see in the mirrors in the castle dungeon?
Napsali: Ondra T., Tomáš R., Gába P., Pepa K.



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Anglie2015A_23On Friday, we went to school like every day.  We had two lessons and then we had 30 minutes Anglie2015A_22to practise our presentations. After that, we all went to the room with a stage and the performances could start. There were 10 presentations. Some groups were presenting their topics (rugby, the royal family, Harry Potter...) and some were performing plays. When the performances finished, we took a group photo and drove back to Worcester. In Worcester, we had a special task, that was invented by our Czech teachers, for example: take a photo of your group with a student who wears a uniform or record an interview with someone who lives in Worcester and ask him what he is proud of in his city. When we finished the task, we had free time for chilling and shopping. After that, we got together and drove back to our families. Today, we had a lot of fun and we met a lot of interesting and helpful people.

Question: What unusual nationality did we meet today, when we were doing an interview?

Napsali: Sára Bartošová, Kristýna Maria Kulhánková 

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