Fresh News from England

Deník ze zahraničního jazykově poznávacího pobytu ve Velké Británii.

1. den
8th  October

anglie 2017ne1

Breaking news from England - Sunday

So today we've began our journey in England when we crossed the English Channel, where the great White Cliffs of Dover welcomed us. The 20 hours long travelling on the bus was nothing compared to them.


anglie 2017po2When we arrived, got to Oxford and finally got out in pain, we went to the Oxford castle, the photo is taken on a small hill above the castle. The view was stunning.

We also went on an exursion through the Oxford castle, we could see 10 miles away from its highest point.

From there, we went through the city to see the best things in Oxford. The best one of them was by far the Oxford university, which also has a nice garden we went through.anglie 2017po4

When we got in, there were many amazing places, for example a dining room, where the Harry Potter films were taken.

anglie 2017po5But Oxford unversity isn't the only good thing to see in Oxford. This, for example is a really old library which is still in use and it looks great. To end the day, we played a fun game where we had to complete tasks, which were connected to sightseeing and most of us enjoyed it. After that we went to our "temporary families" where we could finally rest.

Samuel, Matyáš

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9th  October

Anglie2017po1Our second day in England started with breakfast in our new family. We have a great breakfast (Kate and Jenny)

Then we went to school but because our bus was late we have only three lessons in Cavendish school.

After school we visited Stonehege. Our visit began with a walk around Stonehenge and then we watched short movi


e about it. The bus was waiting on parking site and near the parking there was a center where we could buy some food or souvenirs.

Anglie2017po4Than we went to the cathedral in Salisbury. This cathedral has the highest tower in England (123 m.) After exploring it we went to the center of Salisbury and we went to Poundland. In Poundland you can buy everything from food to electronic just for a pound. After our visit in Salisbury we took the bus and about 19:30 we went to our families.

Jenny and Kate J.

3. den
10th  October

Anglie2017ut1Today we had planned a trip to the historic city of Bath, but first we had our four English lessons at school. About quater to Anglie2017ut2one, we finished school and we got on the bus and went on our two hour trip to Bath. Right before arriving at Bath, our teachers briefly told us the history of Bath. Bath has aprox. 90 000 citizens and it is the 10th most visited place in Britain.

An interesting fact is that Bath was built in a place with hot mineral water. This is why the Roman empire built a spa there. The spa is but a ruin now and in its place stands a museum of the spa. In the museum, there are exhibits of how the spa looked in the Roman times and how life was in the spa, but also excavations of bones and Roman arcitecture. At the end of the museum, we were able to taste some of the mineral water. After the tour, we had one hour of free time in Bath. After the free time, we went back to the bus and went home.

4. den
11 October

Anglie2017st1On Wednesday we again spent our noon in Cavendish school. We had three hours of english and then we were off to see the Corfe castle. This castle was originally owned by Elizabeth I., then it was sold and in 1945 it was demolished so now there are only ruins.

Afterwards we went to Lulworth town, where we spent some time on beach and took some photos of white cliffs. Then weAnglie2017st2 went for a walk so we can get a better view of the cliffs and once more take some photos. And the moment we got to the top of the hill we discovered how windy England can get.

Anglie2017st3After that we got some free time to buy fish and chips or other food and souvenirs. Some of us even went for another short walk around the cliffs.

And then we went back to our families with small homework, which was to find out something about them and also had some time to relax.

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12th  October

Anglie2017ct2Today was last day in school, so we get certificate.Then we walked to centre of Bourmouth. First we saw garden nextAnglie2017ct1 to  Rassokot museum.There were lots of flowers, fountain and cute wood bridgets. It was really beautiful. 

Then we went on the beach to the Oceanarium. We saw feeding of sharks and turtles, lazy crocodiles, witch look like that they are made from wood, sea clown,and lots of other wonderful fish. We really enjoyed it.