Fresh News from Worcester

Deník ze zahraničního jazykově poznávacího pobytu ve Velké Británii tříd sekundy a tercie.

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3rd  October

Anglie2015_2In the morning we drove out later because our bus was waiting at a different car park.Anglie2015_3

In the bus we were sleeping, playing some games, listening to the music or watching films.We stopped four times at gass station and after 11 hours of journey we arrived to Luxemburg. We didn't have much time for a sightseeing there because during the way there was a check of imigrants so we had a delay.We could only take photos in Luxemburg and then we went back to bus and continued to hotel in Calais where we slept. 

Příspěvek připravili: Terka P, Terka H., Naty, Viki, Terka M, Eva Š.

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4th  October

Anglie2015_4In the morning we got up at 6:00 (realy early) in a hotel in Calais because we had to get to eurotunel.Anglie2015_5 Everything was ok, it was a quiet place. After we left the tunel we went to a nice city named Rye. There was church and in the church there was wedding. We have seen lots of cows and sheep. Then we went on highway to Oxford. At one moment there was a lot of cars so we were going a bit slower.  In Oxford we saw Oxford university. At 7 pm in Worcester we were picked up by our host mums, daddies and granies.

Příspěvek připravili: Kuba D., Filip, Max M., Kuba Š.

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5th  October

Anglie2015_6This morning we went to English class for the first time. We had 4 lessons of English.


 After school we arrived to Worcester, where we did some sightseeing. We saw river Severn (longest in UK), cathedral with the grave of John I. and the oldest street. After that we had free time for two hours and in the evening we went to our families.

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6th  October

Anglie2015_10School started at 9 o'clock and finished at half past twelve. At school we played some games, talked andAnglie2015_8 performed pieces of some Shakespeare's performances. After school we went to the Shakespeare's house in Stradford, walked through and got lots of information. For example, he had a wife in his eighteen that was  8 years older. Afted six months his first son was born and after some years his twins, girl and boy. The boy unfortunately died in his eleven years. Afted that he started to write tragical plays. He wrote about 38 plays altogether: comedies, tragedies and romances. He died in his 48, in the year 1616. Unfortunetly we didn't have luck for the weather so it was raining cats and dogs. After that we went back to our families.

Příspěvek připravili: Adam, Martin, Míša, Katka, Viki, Terka Š.

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7th  October

Anglie2015_12In the morning we went to school. We worked on our projects and also spoke. After school we wentAnglie2015_11 to a beautiful town called Malvern where our school is. It is a small spa town under the Malvern Hills. In Malvern we saw Great Malvern Priory - the church - It was really big and interesting. Then we went to Worcester. In Worcester we had a city hunt: twelve questions that we had to answer. We asked local people a lot, we took pictures with students in uniforms, we had to buy Worcester sauce etc. When we answered all of the questions we went shopping. At 6 o´clock we all met in a library. It is a modern gold building.

Příspěvek připravili: Max R., Max F., Vašek, Tonda

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8th  October

Anglie2015_13Today after school we went to Warwick castle. On the bus we presented information which we found out about our host families - it was interesting to hear where our classmates live and what the English people do.Anglie2015_14

Warwick is a big medieval castle not so far from Worcester. Here we went to a scary tour - the dungeon The tour was quite scary but informative too. We met people like plague doctor or a executioner and torturer. But the scariest part was when a witch came. After the tour we had some time to see the castle. But there was not much spare time left. After we returned to Worcester we were picked up by our foster families.

Anglie2015_15 Anglie2015_16 Anglie2015_17

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9th  October

Anglie2015_18Today was a last day of a school. In the end of a lesson we came to a big hall and we presented our projects.Anglie2015_19 We also got a certificate that admits that ve completed an English course. Then we went to Birmigham with one of our teachers - Natasha. She was our guide in Birmingham. Birmingham is the second biggest town in the UK with 1 000 000 people that live there. In Birmingham we saw river Rea that was flowing through Birmingham. After that we went to a library. The library was really expensive to build and its hight is about 60 m. In front of library we saw some people lieing on the ground in weird positions. When we came to them and asked them if they need help they told us that they are fine and they are from the project Fearfest that will be in Birmingham and they are trying to make people don't be afraid about helping  other people. Then we were walking in Birmingham and finally we went to Bullring and  Selfridges designed by Jan Kaplický, we had free time to buy something. After that we went back to our families. 

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